23rd March 2016

Filming the BOB Kickstarter Video in Southsea

When first conceptualising the idea for BOB, something we wanted to do as an agency at Bang Creations was to feature a product on Kickstarter. We felt that this idea was something that would really capture the imaginations of the Kickstarter crowds. As BOB is a product for everyone, crowdfunding is perfect platform to help get the product out there.

BOB being used at Southsea Coffee

BOB’s Filming Locations

We wanted to create a kick ass promo video. One that would show just how this innovation can become the home for your glasses, devices and other pocket shrapnel. We picked a fine sunny day in Southsea and worked alongside Strong Island Media to film BOB in various lifestyle based scenarios. Southsea has that creative vibe providing the perfect setting for filming.

Southsea has that creative vibe providing the perfect setting for filming BOB.

We started off in speciality coffee shop, Southsea Coffee Co. BOB really came into its own, demonstrating how it can hold devices to help facilitate a meeting. We then moved on down to the seafront where we captured some great shots around the common and right by the sea. BOB came in handy for eBook reading and listening to music.

BOB being used an eBook stand

The Designers Dream

Afterwards we headed over to local digital web agency, Si digital to see how BOB can come into its own in this environment. It became the perfect desk tidy whilst designers worked at their computers, holding devices, keys and pens. It was also super useful for demonstrating design ideas on tablets in meetings. Being able to home multiple devices was advantageous.

BOB being used by designers at Si digital

Filming then moved to Portsmouth and Southsea train station where the crew jumped on a train to demonstrate the products advantages for commuters, from sketching on a tablet, watching a movie or reading an eBook.

BOB being used on the train as a tablet stand

The team had a really fun day filming with Strong Island. Thank you to the companies who allowed us to use their lovely spaces to create the promo video.