10th April 2016

The Bang behind BOB – The Agency turning ideas into products

In the last 18 months, the team at Bang Creations have taken on 22 projects, 16 of which will have been made or be in production by end of 2016. They licenced Limbo Hop, one of the fastest selling activity games in the market right now, and have just picked up a German Design Award for their invention Colandish which they manufacture and sell through global distribution. Bang Creations have a well-earned reputation for delivering innovation for businesses of all sizes.

The Bang Creations Team Photo

Starting Bang Creations

Stefan, a product designer, had just left Hasbro the toy company after 5 years of inventing and developing concepts for Action Man, Nerf and Star Wars amongst other brands, when a future client came knocking saying he had been recommended to “create the Bang his product needs” hence Bang Creations was born in 2003.

When a future client came knocking saying he had been recommended to “create the Bang his product needs” hence Bang Creations was born in 2003.

The core team, based 1 hour south of London, orchestrate a wide network of talent they pull into work on their diverse range of products currently working on higher end office furniture, hand held electronic items, baby product, tech cases and promotional goods. Their clients rely on Bang to consider everything when developing a product, and Bang have become known for their evaluation method known as “The What the Who and the 4 hows”

Designing Commercially

Stefan and his team know it is very easy to draw up ideas. But designing them so they hit the manufacturing cost, appeal to the target market, and sell in sufficient volume to be commercial is far harder. To avoid a compromise when answering these demands, Bang has proven that good design and determination will result in a product that answers everything expected of it.

Bang Creations are bringing BOB to market via the crowd funding site Kickstarter. BOB is a glasses case designed to not only hold your glasses but also help display your tablet and phone and be a home for all the mess you carry around in your wallet or have on your desk. For the team it took only a few hours to get from idea to working concept. As Bang Creations manufacture products for their clients, they could take development very quickly through to production costing and prototyping. Bang will be the first to admit this is not the most technically challenging product to take to a crowd funding platform, but as their first crowd funding project they really wanted to deliver an innovative, easy to get product that most importantly they felt very confident they can deliver.

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Colandish with water going through Colandish in action Food ready in the Collandish Colandish - German Design Award Winner 2016